|| Most people can learn to sing well...no matter what thoughts and beliefs they harbour about their voice!! || 

|| A unique opportunity - Learn to sing with Vox Pop & Rock Choir ||

Join this choir, try a free sample session any time during the term, both female & MALE singers are welcome.  If you are a man you won't be hidden away to sing tenor or bass harmonies as is often the case in other choirs, in this choir you get to sing a great many of your favourite tunes as well as special harmonies

As a performance choir Vox Pop don't just sing, they move as well. Some of their pop pumping numbers contain simple energetic choreography that adds another dimension to their performance style

Vox Pop a stand out choir for its members & potential singers! || Both novice & experienced singers welcome || Interactive practise & voice training method so NO Music to Read|| Wonderful performance opportunities for its singers

Great Value || Full 2 hour weekly rehearsal session || 12 week (school) term || 3 terms a year || Simply excellent value for money at only £4 per hour || Internet access with printer required by its members

What makes the new Vox Pop & Rock Choir stand out? Vox Pop delivers its own 'Voice Training & Learning to Sing Programme'. A great opportunity for keen singers and those adults realising it is not too late! Vox Pop & Rock Choir is the ideal choice those who really want to learn to sing and to perform in a great choir.

The 2 Vox Pop Styles....

||| - The modern event choir singing and moving to classic chart songs in their colourful purple, blue & pink

||| - The 'British Proms' celebration with audience participation of classic proms finale anthems

Vox Pop choir line-up - a fresh & new approach to choral singing is simply divided in 2 or 4+ sections Women in either Yellow choir (highish singers) or Blue choir (lowish singers) & Men's choir with men singing either on the tune or with their own harmonies or singing with the blue choir. The tune is swapped from section to section depending on the pitch of the song.

The Musical Arrangements – made easy! Alison selects songs knowing she can turn them into a fantastic choir arrangement. The arrangements are simple and stylish and easily singable. Vox Pop is not afraid of singing from a wide and eclectic genre of songs with some surprises in their repertoire!

The Practise method – easy to use! Vox Pop produce everything you need with practise MP3’s on the web site - all members must have easy, regular access to the website + a printer. The songs are developed and recorded by Alison who is a trained & experienced singer and voice coach, and has developed the 'learning to sing' programme. With your own recordings you can practise the songs at home, in your car or even the garden shed or bathroom!

Vox Pop a performance choir using easy choreography Singers have an energetic time rehearsing the songs, the harmonies and the moves – a really good work-out! Moves are rehearsed regularly during rehearsals along with vocal exercises, the songs, harmonies & lyrics.

What is included? All Fees unclude a full set of lyric sheets and members only website access with a full set of MP3's, rehearsal schedule &  trainging exercises. Including large scale event organisation, recording & vocal workshop opportunites and singing tours.

Do I need to practise and take part in events? Yes, you will need to practise away from the choir to learn your music. Many singers travel with CD's in the car or with their headphones and MP3 players. Voxpop will give you the tools to use in practise and as with any skill, if you want to be good at something it takes your time & effort. A commitment to learning is required by all those who want to sing with Voxpop as is attending the majority of events and performances. You will not be expected to take part in events until you are performance ready.

Full PA at Exciting Events Often performing in the open air Vox Pop carry their own complete PA system. Since 2009 they have sung at some unusual and exciting places from The Eden Project in Cornwall to the Brighton Food Festival and many town and city centres, river and sea fronts, parks and gardens across the South of England and there is sure to be more surprises in the future.

Why does Vox Pop aim to get you ‘Singing the Soundtrack of Your Life’? Because quite simply, singing is good for you and can help you feel better, both mentally and physically. Becoming a Voxpopper will create a new social dynamic in your life, making new friends and being part of something exciting – the community of Vox Pop. Alison’s belief in singing as a life enhancing activity underpins everything she does.

‘A 3-year study at London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital has found that live music can reduce anxiety & depression. Join a choir to improve posture, tone muscles, enhance your lung capacity & cut stress, it could even boost your immunity’.

Alison Eade ~ Singer & Music Consultant (voice) & Vocal Coach

Has a small consultancy practice and teaches on the Isle of Wight, an experienced singer on the concert platform, in music theatre, pantomime and cabaret.

As a singer 30yrs, teacher 20yrs, & voice consultant, Alison has a wide knowledge of the workings of the voice, the psychology and physical impact of the mind & body on the singer and approaches vocal assessments and training in a holistic manner. Fee £40 per hour. Students commit to 2 or 4 weekly lessons or ad hoc and they are provided with a thorough home practise kit