Voxpop Team

Alison Eade - Director and Development


Alison has met and been taught by some exceptional teachers throughout her life. Originally trained in classical singing and latterly in contemporary voice she has a comprehensive knowledge of how the voice works. Combine this with her Psychology studies, Alison's unique experiences gives her the expertise to understand: - first the person, then the singer, and the many barriers and thought processes people hold that stops them enjoying singing! Alison constantly hears 'I would love to sing but I've been told I can't or 'I am tone deaf'....so she created VOXPOP, to give all those who would love to sing the opportunity to find their voice and sing with freedom. How apt – VOXPOP from the Latin vox populi – meaning 'voice of the people'. The People's Choir.

Alison, a trained musician and singer with a wide experience of performing, training, teaching & examining, and producing & directing. From a rich and varied career she has played and sung in Pantomime, Music Theatre, Cabaret, on the Concert Platform and as an invited guest singer with many Choirs, Bands & Orchestras. She has worked as a group trainer, run personal development courses, many singing workshops and master-classes.

With a teaching practise and music consultancy business on the Isle of Wight she has previously taught at college ‘A’ level music and BTEC Popular Music. Alison has also worked as a producer and directed many shows & events over the course of her career.

Chris Eade - Administration & Finance

ChrisChris has worked in the accounting world all his life and he and Alison have been married for many, many years. Together they bring to Voxpop a multi discipline skill set that enables them to run these exciting choirs. As Chris is also a keen runner he continues to ‘build his muscles’ as a sound crew-member helping to set up and carry the sound systems to rehearsals and events. He is always to be found on the welcoming desk each and every week where he is available to answer member’s questions.